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3M (Metal | Monochrome | Maritime)
3M (Metal | Monochrome | Maritime) is a curated collection of black and white images taken throughout New England. Aluminum printing is a modern technique used to apply photographs to a durable, scratch resistant, and beautiful ready-to-hang material that can fit in any space. Monochrome images bring the viewer in touch with the shapes and contrast of a composition without the distraction of colors. Featured here are historic maritime traditions such as rope making, modern commercial fishing gear for harvesting oysters, classic yachts, and marine life.
Instagram:  @refractualism
DeAngelo Art
December 2019 – March 2020


3M (Metal | Monochrome | Maritime)
About the artist: Patrick Sikes is a maritime photographer from Norwalk, CT. His artistic pursuits frequently find him around commercial fishing and classic yacht regattas where he feels most at home. He shoots with a Canon DSLR as well as a DJI Drone to capture images that some have called "breathtaking." Chasing sailboats are the most fun because, unlike many other nautical photographers, he is also taking on the challenge of running his own boat at the same time that he's capturing photos.
December 2019 - March 2020

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